Application of Detection Switch in Sweeper

① Micro-motion detection switch: mainly used in collision detection, pick-up detection and limit detection on the sweeper

Advantages: product diversification, stability and consistency recognized by the majority of customers

recommend products: TMS-0007 series



② Waterproof in-place detection switch: often used in sweeping and towing integrated sweeper with sewage tank, mainly used to detect whether the sweeper sewage tank is parked in the designated position

Advantages: In the resistance to waterproof, acid/alkali liquid corrosion far more than ALPS and domestic related competitors. Salt spray over 96H, life 100000 times, alkaline PH 12.2 value/acidic PH 1.6 liquid soaking over 96H, high temperature and high humidity (T:70 ℃,RH:90%) over 96H

recommend products: TMS-0805 series




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