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KW4A(S) micro switch conversion type fast action features with metal boom

KW4A(S) Projector Micro Switch Small Volume Contact Gap Small Action Stroke We produce KW4A(S) Projector Micro Switch Small Volume Contact Gap Small Action Stroke Small.


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Product Description

KW4A(S) projector micro switch volume small contact gap small action stroke

1. Product introduction

The projector micro switch is a small micro switch with small contact gap and small operating stroke. We have developed a variety of micro switches for different devices and provide professional technical services. If you need micro switch, please let us know.

2. Product parameters


Characteristic value

Working speed

0.1mm ~ 1 m/s (related to driving mode)

Operating frequency

Mechanical 60 times/min; Electrical 25 times/min

Insulation resistance

≥100mΩ (500vdc)

Contact resistance

Action force> 0.5N:≤ 30mΩ
Action force ≤ 0.5N:≤ 50mΩ

(Withstand voltage) Between the same pole non-connected terminals

AC1000V , 50/60Hz , 1min

(Voltage resistance) Between live metal parts and ground (housing), between terminal and non-live metal parts

AC1500V , 50/60Hz , 1min


10~55Hz , 1.5mm double amplitude

Impact resistance

Damage: action force> 0.5N:1000m/s2 (about 100G)max
Action force ≤ 0.5N:500m/s2 (about 50G)max
Fault: action force> 0.5N:300m/s2 (about 30G)max
Action force ≤ 0.5N:200m/s2 (about 20G)max


approx. 1.6g (without boom)


Mechanical ≥ 1,000,000 times
Electrical ≥ 10,000 times
Electrical ≥ 50,000 times (TUV,CQC)

Security Authentication


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