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PS8 household appliances gas stove ignition switch

1.PS8 power switch can be used for the ignition switch of kitchen stove. 2. Easy installation 3. Multiple micro currents can be connected


Micro Switch Series

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Product Description

PS8 button switch snap-in type can be multi-connected simple structure

1. Product introduction

The PS8 button switch is snap-on, simple in structure and safer. A combination of a plurality of switches may be connected. We have been committed to the development and production of micro switches since 1987. We look forward to cooperating with you.

2. Product characteristics and applications

PS8 button switch is a simple structure, easy to install switch. The micro switch button adopts snap-on installation, which is not only convenient to operate, but also can stably control the gas stove. Equipped with different driving rods, the driving mode is flexible and can be used for gas cookers.

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