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SS5 Coded Switches

Features and Uses Compact structure, small size; The contact is stable; SS5 coding switch is widely used in overclocking of computer motherboards, radio and television equipment, etc.


Waterproof switch series

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Product Description

SS5 toggle switch small volume stable contacts can be customized for wireless communication

1. Product introduction

SS5 toggle switch is our latest invention of small volume stable contact. Customized for wired communications. As a well-known professional switch manufacturer in China, we produce high quality toggle switch products. We are willing to cooperate with you.

2. Product parameters


Characteristic value

Ambient temperature


Working speed


Operating frequency

Mechanical 60 times/min; Electrical 15 times/min

Insulation resistance

≥100mΩ (500vdc)

Contact resistance

≤ 50mΩ

(Withstand voltage) Between the same pole non-connected terminals

AC300v , 50/60Hz , 1min

(Voltage resistance) Between live metal parts and ground (housing), between terminal and non-live metal parts

AC500v , 50/60Hz , 1min


10~55Hz , 1.5mm double amplitude

Impact resistance

Durability: 1000 m/s (about 100G)max
Misoperation: 300 m/s (about 30G)max

Electrical life

≥ 10,000 times

Electrical life

≥ 10,000 times

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