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KW3A-G drying rack micro switch

KW3A-G type drying rack micro switch rental Small shape, suitable for all angles of random installation Product structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble


Self-locking switch series

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Product Description

KW3A-G micro switch small size for drying rack has invention patent UL
1. Product introduction
KW3A-G micro switch is based on KW3A switch, and the special switch for drying rack is developed. The switch has been patented and UL certified. We are a switch manufacturer with offices in many places, advanced standardized production equipment, high-precision manufacturing and processing equipment and professional testing laboratories. We hope to establish business relations with you.


2. Product parameters


Characteristic value

Working speed

0.1mm ~ 1 m/s (related to driving mode)

Operating frequency

Mechanical 60 times/min; Electrical 15 times/min

Insulation resistance

≥100mΩ (500vdc)

Contact resistance

≤ 30mΩ (initial value)

(Withstand voltage) Between the same pole non-connected terminals

AC1000V , 50/60Hz , 1min

(Voltage resistance) Between live metal parts and ground (housing), between terminal and non-live metal parts

AC1500V , 50/60Hz , 1min


10~55Hz , 1.5mm double amplitude

Impact resistance

Damage: action force> 0.5 N-1000m/s2 (about 100G)max
Action force ≤ 0.5 N-400m/s2 (about 40G)max
Fault: action force> 0.5 N-200m/s2 (about 20G)max
Action force ≤ 0.5 N-100m/s2 (about 10G)max


About 25g (without boom type)


Mechanical ≥ 2,000,000 times
Electrical ≥ 50,000 times

Security Authentication


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